Want to have full freedom of movement throughout the year, you should look closely at All Weather Scooter. With this scooter, it is not the weather that puts restrictions on when to go shopping, visit friends or maybe something else.

In the scooter whizzes you through traffic by up to 15 km / h You're safe and sound in the heated cabin with large windows that provide excellent visibility to other road users.

The cabin is equipped with our best captain seat, which has more adjustability in both the back and seat bottom.

Should it start to rain, are you dry and well. Windshield wiper with washer is of course standard on this model.

Buying an electric scooter is for most a great decision. Therefore it is important that we find the model that best suits you. We recommend that you as a customer orders a display at home where you live. In this way we find the model that fits perfectly into the existing building to be used in.


Dimensions 1550 x 690 x 1580mm
Weight 135kg lbs.
Max speed 15km / h
Range Up to 50km
Max user weight 120kg
Max increase 15 degrees
Turning radius 1.50 m
Motor power 1200W
Charger 230V (AC): 30V (AC); 24V/4.0A
Brake type Electric Brake
Speed ‚Äč‚Äčadjustment Variable
Braking distance 1.8m (dry surface)
Battery 12V/75Ah x 2